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 EDA Rules....

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PostSubject: EDA Rules....   Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:57 pm

1. Do not spam.

This is a major rule in most forums. We do not tolerate spam on here (Much). Do not make posts that do not contribute to a thread at all, are purposely made to anger another member, or to up your post count. This will result in a ban.

Subsection 1; Personal Conversation: It is what PM is for. Please do not have personal conversation on any threads, with the exception of rooms. Please be considerate though, and do not have personal conversation with someone in a room that is not yours or the other person.

2. No double posting.

Do not post twice in a row on the same topic. Try to make all your thoughts onto one post on a thread. It is not a problem if the double post was unintentional (such as a computer problem) inform a mod. However, if double posting is done multiple times by a member, that member will get a ban.

Subsection 1; Bumps: You may bump your topic every 24 hours minimum, it is also required to have a good reason for a bump not within 48 hours of your last post.

3. No Flaming.

Do just as this rule describes. Debating is fine; it is actually encouraged. But do not curse or flame another member for their views. If you believe someone is wrong in their opinion, explain why you believe that way (in friendly language), and of course give a logical explanation supporting your belief.

Subsection 1; Deck Showcase: Do NOT netdeck peoples' creative decks without permission. This is going to be enforced.

4. No mature content.

We may have younger audiences, just watch the links and what you say. Be considerate.

5. Rules regarding the chatbox.

Everything much less supervised in the chatbox. We will not premit excessive swearing (Without reason), flaming another member in it, post inappropriate material in it, or flood it with useless spam (Just follow rules 1, 2, and 3). The same actions will be taken as if they were said on the forum.

6. Be helpful.

Don't just turn up your nose. We're all equal as humans (And Aliens), no matter how old we are/how many posts we have/how good at a childrens card games we are. Superiority Complexes will quickly be put in their place.

7. Have fun!

This IS a site for game, let’s have some fun!
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EDA Rules....
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